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Let's build a blah-busting brand.

Your organization deserves more than just a hastily made logo from some digital sweatshop. Thisness will work with your organization to find and identify its reason for being. A properly crafted identity will help your brand stand out in the marketplace, delight customers, and catalyze employees.

Thisness is a little spesh...


We may be the worst generation ever, but we're taking over the world. Receive insights on this rising cohort that you can't get from skimming the latest think piece. If your organization is led by or caters to millennials, you've come to the right place.

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Low overhead, high expectations

When you work with Thisness, you're not paying for project managers, fancy office space, interns from Phi Kappa Whatever, or the obligatory office dog. You're simply getting the best information-synthesis and idea-generation skills around.

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Full attention, not full service

Rather than juggling a plethora of marketing services and dozens of clients, I will focus exclusively on developing your brand identity. At the end of the process, you'll get a playbook that will serve as a galvanizing force for your organization.

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