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Thisness is a Phoenix-based brand identity company that helps organizations — from startups to nonprofits — identify and then capitalize on their unique strengths.

thisness \ˈthisnə̇s\ n [fr. ME haecceity, fr. L haecceitas] : the hallmarks of a thing that make it a particular thing

Meet Jacob Hughes.

a portrait of Jacob Hughes

I was born and raised in Phoenix, where I honed my creative muscles through long daydreaming sessions in warm classrooms. Throughout my adolescence, I developed many interests, including economics, politics, sports, comedy, film, modern art, and rock and roll. Obviously, I would go on to major in business. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, I eventually picked up technical writing and copywriting. I soon discovered that I had an uncanny ability to quickly learn vast swaths of information and synthesize it into something that's easily understood. To me, this is the essence of branding.

Ultimately, I knew that I didn't want to work for an agency. Agencies are notoriously insular, and I didn't want to be penalized for: not having a pigeonholed skill set, not having my career path chosen at age 17, and not wanting to work for free. So in 2017, I started Thisness.

At Thisness, I believe that my diverse background is a strength, not a handicap. I can connect threads from different places and make creative leaps that others cannot make.