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While every project and client are unique, I like to use a tried-and-true process for developing a new brand identity.

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The questionnaire

To begin, I'll send you a short questionnaire. The questionnaire will allow me to learn more about your organization, your reasons for seeking a brand identity (or rebrand), and your expectations of the brand strategy process. You can respond however is easiest for you: via email, over the phone, or in person. A hard no on faxes, though.

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The project brief

After the gathering of initial information, I'll create a project brief. The project brief will reflect our expectations for the project, including protocols, milestones, and deliverables. The document will act as a guide for making decisions throughout the branding process.

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The research audit

To kick the project into high gear, I'll get my hands on any valuable information that I can find. I'll comb through your existing materials (such as strategic documents), research competitors, and interview key stakeholders. If necessary, I can coordinate to provide additional primary or secondary market research. I'll synthesize all of the pertinent research into an audit readout.

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The brand strategy

With a firm idea of your organization's vision and competitive landscape, I will work with you to clarify your brand strategy. The brand strategy is essentially a unifying idea of what makes your organization stand out from the crowd through your unique positioning.

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The identity design

And now, the fun part. With your organization's brand strategy in focus, I will design the cornerstones of your identity. Depending upon your needs, I can create a new name and logo, specify your look and feel (color schemes and typefaces and such), and craft key marketing messages.

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The touchpoints

Finally, if desired, I can create touchpoints built upon your new brand identity. Touchpoints may include a website, digital templates, printed material, and more. I can put your logo on just about anything (no face tattoos, please).